David Schumacher
Director, Author & Co-Founder
Jennifer Lauer-Schumacher
Executive Director, Author & Co-Founder

Dave and Jennifer each have over 20 years experience in parapsychological research, paranormal investigating, documenting, presenting and teaching. They are co-authors of the successful books , "Investigating the Haunted: Ghost Hunting Taken to the Next Level" and "You've Got Ghosts: Haunted Tales from the Inbox".   They have also published various general and research articles for a variety of magazines and research journals. They teach paranormal education classes at McHenry Community College, Rock Valley College and UW Rock County as well as independent paranormal education classes throughout the Midwest. Dave and Jennifer have given numerous presentations at universities, public libraries, public/private schools and corporate events. They have been featured locally and nationally in a variety of media including radio, television and print. They have designed specialized paranormal investigation systems for use in paranormal investigations (Direct Environmental Acquisition Data-logging – DEAD system). Dave has had parapsychology training with Loyd Auerbach from the HCH Institute, Dr. Caroline Watt from the University of Edinburgh – Koestler Parapsychology Unit and ParaMooc Online Parapsychology Classes.