Our Research

ESPSI Center's current research interests include:

  • Life After Death Studies (Near-Death, Shared-Death, Terminal Lucidity, etc.).

  • Analyze the experiential and environmental elements of various parapsychological phenomena to explore similarities and differences.

  • Develop new and/or more stringent field investigation protocols.

  • Investigate past and current trends in parapsychology and paranormal research.

  • Conduct research with interactive surveys.

  • Investigate conditions that lead to anomalous experiences and conduct field experiments under these conditions.

  • Conduct research on Induced After Death Communications (I.A.D.C.).

  • Studying mind – matter interactions (aka psychokinesis).

  • Studying how various locations, situations and psychophysical variables affect external random physical systems.

  • The role of different emotions and their influence on the environment and external random physical systems.

  • The role of transliminality and paranormal belief play in having subjective and/or objective experiences at reportedly haunted locations.

  • The potential for using the combination of various existing technologies to detect instances of survival of consciousness (i.e. ghosts) in field based research and investigations.